• Mike Burdge

Film as Art, and the Educational Possibilities It Presents

Story Screen, for those of you who may not know, is currently operating in Beacon, NY as a pop-up film exhibitor. Our website: StoryScreenBeacon.com features film reviews and articles written by local film lovers and filmmakers alike, as well as amazing, original artwork made for beloved movies by some of Beacon’s most talented artists, using all sorts of mediums. We are currently working on an educational platform that we will be making available to the public very soon, centered around the concept of film as an art form. Using this, we hope to engage with people through film in an entirely new and exciting way.

But first, I’d like to explain why I believe film is art:

Film is THE collaborative art form. From hundreds to thousands of people, all working around a cohesive vision, to the billions of people who choose to experience that vision, the art of film is a seemingly never-ending cycle of contemplation, hard work, extraordinary skill and unified artistry. Film combines the beauty of multiple art mediums: performance, writing, music, design and much, much more. It is a major contributor to culture, as many consider it to be the most easily accessible approach to communicating a story. Some even argue that film was the dominate art form of the Twentieth Century. And why shouldn’t they? We’ve watched film grow as a collected culture throughout our entire lives, and some of us have even chosen to look beyond our years to the incredible stories of its origins and evolutions. Film is a marvel.