• Jeremy Kolodziejski

Casablanca : Lasting Forever As Time Goes By

Michael Curtiz’s Casablanca – as of the time this article was written – is 75 years old. It is considered by film historians, film critics and general film fans as one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, film of all time. What makes a film like Casablanca age like the fine wine served in Rick’s Café? Is it its ensemble cast of memorable characters: Renault, Ferrari, Ugarte, Sascha and Sam, all interacting in such a sprawling and unique location such as the aforementioned Rick’s Café? Perhaps! Is it its suspenseful story of refugees trying to find their way to America while dodging the Nazis? That’s a great argument as well. But what I believe makes Casablanca stand out amongst the crowded lists of “The Greatest Movies of All Time” is its masterful characterization of Rick Blaine, and his inner conflict throughout the film, and how his experiences with love drives his every decision.

Many of us who have experienced love, and then lost it, can relate to what Rick is going through. Being heartbroken is one of the most powerful emotions anyone can feel. The love of his life left him, and he can’t help but feel resentment and bitterness towards that person. It’s making yourself vulnerable to the person you love, and having them r