• Diana DiMuro

The Frighteners: Death Ain't No Way To Make A Living

The Frighteners: directed by Peter Jackson, co-written with Fran Walsh, produced by Robert Zemeckis, and music by Danny Elfman! This is a group of heavy hitters! Who knew that this endearing 1996 horror-romantic-comedy would lead to the creation of the entire Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies?! Peter Jackson’s special effects company, Weta Digital, used a complicated combination of real scale models, prosthetic makeup, practical effects and computer-generated imagery to create The Frighteners’ cast of ghostly characters. Weta Digital had only been around for three years, but it produced some of the most advanced digital effects of that time period, leading Jackson to take his newfound technological advancements to tackle Tolkien’s classics. But let’s get back to The Frighteners.

Starring teen heartthrob Michael J. Fox as Frank Bannister, the film tells the story of a once successful architect (Frank), who loses his wif