Bernadette's Top 10: The Year of Our Film 2017

The year of our Lord 2017 was a tough year to live through. Plenty of ill-sitting people were put into offices they weren’t deemed worthy of seat-warming and poor mother! Earth came down with a violent case of the climate changes and displaced countless families from their homes. It was an awful year. The year of our Film 2017, however, provided an excellent refuge from it all, and I was lucky enough to have warmed the seats of many a theater to watch plenty of wonderful films. These films were so good in fact, that it is difficult for me to put a finger on just which one I think came out on top. So, without further ado, here is a list of my favorites (in order of their release) that managed to cure my ills this past year. And if I were a doctor, I’d prescribe these films with 16+ ounces of beer and 12 lbs. of cozy blanket. STAT!