• Mike Burdge

Roger Deakins: Making Great Movies Beautiful

Roger Deakins is highly considered one of the most talented cinematographers of all time, and he still has years and years of work ahead of him. He's been nominated for an Academy Award in Cinematography 13 times, from 1995 to today. If you're doing your math, that's more than one nomination every two years. To date, he has never won an Academy Award for his work.

The 90th Academy Awards marks his 14th nomination for Cinematography, for his masterful work on Denis Villeneuve's, Blade Runner 2049. Could this be the year the legend takes home the shiny gold statuette? Or more importantly, is this the year the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences rightfully praises the man who has basically created the way movies have looked for the past 20 years? I mean, just about everybody tries to copy this guy’s style. Don't get me wrong! My man has walked away with over 100 award wins through various institutions with varying degrees of authority, it's just that Oscar probably looks so damn good on a desk. And I think he really deserves it this year. I thought I'd share with you guys a little visual guide for this special artist, who has had the clout in Hollywood to work with some of the most talented filmmakers in the field, like Sam Mendes, Joel and Ethan Cohen, Ron Howard, Denis Villeneuve and more! Oh, so much more.

But just what is cinematography you may ask, (or maybe you don't)? Sometimes referred to as the Director of Photography (or DP/DOP), it is the cinematographer’s job to work in tandem with the film's director on camera placement, lens use, color grading, lighting, framing and various other techniques, to essentially create the “feel” and "look" of the film. Noted cinematographers are Vittorio Storaro,