Queer Eye: "Yas Queen"

I don’t like reality television. Frankly, I find it trite and uninteresting; it has the worst music that mostly consists of weird jingles synchronized with character’s glares at one another or at the camera. I do find some of the more zany (and most likely more fabricated) reality T.V. shows like Baggage with Jerry Springer, or My Strange Addiction, hilarious by how insane they are. Unfortunately, I still leave those shows with a sense of guilt. The amount of shaming and othering these shows feature leaves me feeling a little grimy. As a writer and someone who loves fiction, there’s a level of realness to these shows you just can’t make up, and I can appreciate that. So when I heard the palpable praise of Netflix original’s Queer Eye, I was hesitant to watch it. Little did I know, it would soon become one of my favorite shows, not just by how entertaining it is, but because of how good I felt after watching each and every episode of the new Fab 5’s adventures.

Debuting on Bravo in 2003, and running until 2007, Queer Eye, was originally titled, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It was a makeover show featuring five Queer men who are experts of five different pillars used to transform drab to fab. On the new Queer Eye, this new generation is tackling their un-stylized guests in the same fashion.