• Linda H. Codega

Captain Marvel, Personal Power, and Going Further, Faster, and Higher

A few weeks after Captain Marvel has been released I find myself wondering, what am I going to say? Op-eds have been penned from the most glowing, to the most critical, from feminist takes on the film, to articles that just present the facts. Let’s start there.

It is a fact that this movie is one of the best-selling movies of all time. Literally, Captain Marvel has landed in the top 5 of almost any film category, (Superhero, Opening Day, etc.) and is currently sitting at the highest-grossing film led by a woman. Although this is impressive on its own, it’s no surprise that the Disney-Marvel marketing machine - bolstered by a strange sense of revamped Top Gun nostalgia - has created some real hype around the film. What we need to look at is the scope and the implications of this overwhelming success. We have had black superheroes, women superheroes, and Marvel (with a little help from Wonder Woman) has proven that “diversity” is not just a selling point, but a best-seller.

Diversity is never the real issue when it comes to women, black people, or queer people in lead roles, instead the problem always boils down to gatekeeping in Hollywood. Diversity just... is. It is. It is in the