SUPERPINION: Swinging into a Golden Age of Spider-Man

Warning: This article contains spoilers for all things that begin with “Spider” and end with “Man.”

(You’ve been warned, web-heads).

The year was 2017, it was summer and I had been writing articles for Story Screen for almost a full year. Spider-Man: Homecoming had just been released, and it was getting to be my time to pitch another article. “I want to write about all the fucking Spider-Man movies, and tell ya’ll what’s the best one,” and the brilliant Story Screen editors said, “Yeah, that’s fine. Stop yelling and spilling your beer everywhere.” To which I responded, “fine.” I watched what was at the time, all six Spider-Man movies, and it was indeed a rollercoaster, peaking with the nostalgia of the first two Sam Raimi directed films - descending into mediocrity with Spider-Man 3, through Amazing Spider-Man 2, - and then finally starting to do some sick twists and loops upon finally arriving to the MCU Spidey moments in Captain America: Civil War, and Homecoming. After that somewhat bumpy ride, here were my closing thoughts: