“There’s Nothing Out There!” — George A. Romero’s 'Lost' PSA-For-Hire "The Amusement Park"

When news spread that the George A. Romero Foundation had raised funds to restore The Amusement Park, a long-presumed “lost” film by the late Amerindie horror director, anticipation went through the roof for horror fans and a certain type of cinephile worldwide. Commissioned by the Pittsburgh-area chapter of The Lutheran Society in 1973 to create an extended PSA-for-hire about the plight of the aging in American society, quickly shot by Romero’s The Latent Image company and the unhinged result promptly shelved following some trial screenings (wouldn’t you love to have been at one of them?), even Romero had largely given the 53-minute-long work up for lost. “I haven’t seen it in years,” Romero admitted to Tony Williams in the latter’s 2001 book George A. Romero: Interviews. Romero’s widow and GARF founder, Suzanne Desrocher-Romero, filled in more details about the film and its rediscovery shortly before Romero’s passing in 2017 in a recent interview with Gizmodo: